About us


We are small cattery of beautiful ragdoll cats located in Djurdjevac near Koprivnica, an hour away from Zagreb. Our cattery is registered with Croatian felinology association and Cat club Križevci under the FIFe since 2012. I always loved all animals but, since I was a child, I realised that I have a special bound with cats. I was fascinated with their character and their looks. I could watch them for hours while they sleep, play, clean, listen them purr….

Ragdoll breed came into our lives after our beloved half-breed cat Miki left us at 12 yrs old. Renie is our first ragdoll experience. Since then ragdoll cats kept our hearts till today and this love is going on.

Our cats are raised in the house and they are equal members of our family. We take care of their health and socialization, providing them love and attention. Breeding Ragdoll cats is our hobby and life style. The goal of our cattery is to breed cats of high–quality and good health, as well as the relevant Ragdoll character.In order to achieve all this, we present our cats at interenational exhibitions regulary. They are socialized and fully comply with the standard of the Ragdoll breed. Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site, and if you like our Ragdolls , please visit us again. We are always glad to answer any questions you might have about our cats and kittens or just cat talk. Do not hesitate to contact for more information!