• IC Eldorado Lovely Ragdoll, CZ

  • EMS: RAG a 04 - blue mitted - possesses a gene for chocolate color
    AGE: 14.09.2013.
    Mum: CH Casiopeia Lovely Ragdoll,CZ
    Daddy: CH Moonlight Shadow Ragbur,CZ
    Test: DNA PKD/HCM negative (AnimaLabs)

Eli is a BIG boy (7 kg two years old), with very good long and muscled body line and strong bones. Eyes are deep blue,large oval shape. He has an easy going and talkative personality – he is sweet, laid back boy and he gets along well with the adults, other males, and the kittens.

  • HR*Mydoll Vito the Cute

  • EMS: RAG c 04 – lilac mitted
    AGE: 01.06.2015.
    Mum: IC Evelyn Dom Elzy, PL
    Daddy: IC Eldorado Lovely Ragdoll, CZ
    Test: DNA PKD/HCM negative (parents tested)

Vito is a young boy, still developing. He has a long and strong body and strong chins. His coat is silky and smooth with excellent furnished tail. He has a calm and sweet personality, he is a talker just like his daddy. He gets along well with everyone in the house, but he is especially attached to his daddy.

  • Noah Deziron

  • EMS: RAG a – blue colorpoint
    AGE: 23.07.2017.
    Mum: Darlinlildols Lagertha
    Daddy: GICH PL*Koc-Pol Cat Diego
    Tests: DNA PKD/HCM negative (Animalabs)

Noah is still playful, young boy. His personality is soft and gentle, he is rather interested in playing with kittens than to flirt with girls.
His body is strong, still in development. Considering his genetic potential, we are looking forward to see his further growth.