Ragdoll breed is related to many theories and legends. Exact history of its origin is still an issue, but some facts are certain. The Ragdoll breed was born around 1965, developed by Ann Baker from Riverside, California. She mated cats with certain features and thus laid the foundation of ragdoll breed. Cats who were the foundation of the breed are: Josephine, Daddy Warbucks, Fugianna, and Buckwheat. Due to her vision and commitment and many other people later, today we have a recognized breed with distinctive features. In the 1991 year, ragdoll breed was recognized by FIFe.


Ragdolls are large, loving, very relaxed semi longhaired cats with beautiful blue eyes. Besides their beauty, their main and very popular feature is their gentle nature. They are characterized by intelligence, tenderness, devotions to their owner and calmness (although kittens and young adult Ragdolls can be very playful). They like to play with toys and lay on their backs for belly rubs. You will often find them sleeping on their back with legs up in the air. Because of their sweet, trusting, and non-agressive personalities, Ragdoll must be an indoor cat only, as to not be harmed by other animals or people. Each Ragdoll is very unique in their personality and adors to be with the family. They are known for their tolerant attitude with children and pets. They will follow you around from room to room like a puppy and participate in your everyday activity. When I come home , they wait for me at the door for welcoming. Then they follow me everywhere I go. Each of them has its place in the bathroom when I take shower or in the kitchen while I cook, they are beside me while I iron or watch TV in the evening. They are true members of our family.
Ragdoll cats belong to the semi-longhaired group of cats. The fur is very soft and silky, just like a rabbit fur. It is enough to brush them once or twice a week to reduce the shedding. During the spring or fall they will shed more but it is easy to pick the hairs up from sufaces with wet hand or glove because of its soft texture. They have strong body and full size will develop when they are 3 years old. Their size will usually range from 6-10 kg for a male and 4-7 kg for a female.When they are born , kittens are completely white with a blue eyes. Blue color of eyes stays forever but the color slowly starts to develope from the 10th day of their life and reaches its fullness at the 4. year.Traditional colors are seal , chocolate, blue and lilac. Patterns include pointed, mitted and bicolor. The new colors and patterns are cream and red/flame, tortie and lynx.